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Olof has been involved in video and photography since he was a teenager. He was the studio manager and photographer for Publisher’s Graphics in Westport, Connecticut and worked on video and film shoots in NY City. Over the years Olof has enjoyed challenges such as shooting on the summit of Mount Washington in winter in 100 MPH wind, from a helicopter over the Old Man of the Mountains, from a speeding patrol boat off the coast of Florida and directing large groups of children for family attractions commercials. He is a licensed pilot and uses his flying skills shooting aerials with his collection of drones.
Sharyn used to record piano pieces using a cassette deck and a microphone hanging down inside above the hammers. Making music took her to synthesizers, recording with an eight track reel to reel deck, and finally to digital recording and editing when we were asked to produce The Weather Notebook, an NPR radio show. Along the way we recorded the music for Sharyn’s children’s theater productions and her CD of music for the re-enactment of the Polar Express, called The Journey to the North Pole. Her music can be heard throughout Story Land in Glen, NH. Sharyn also wrote and produced a popular audio tour of the White Mountains in English, French and German which is available as a free download through the visitwhitemountains.com web site.
In 1994 we decided to add video production and digital video editing and we acquired our first camera, a Sony Beta Cam. We were immediately kept busy producing commercials for all of the family attractions in the White Mountains including Story Land, Santa’s Village and Lost River. We also wrote and produced work for the Mount Washington Observatory and through NH State grants, for White Mountains Attractions. We traveled through much of the US shooting educational videos for Boat Ed of Dallas, TX.
We enjoy producing longer form documentary pieces such as Winter Steam (for Conway Scenic Railroad), Simple Gifts, (for the Friends of Alfred Shaker Museum) and fund raising videos for the Mount Washington Observatory, Camp Sunshine in Casco Maine, and the Yankee Flyer train restoration. A new hour long video for Conway Scenic Railroad is currently in the works for 2016.
Olof also designs and makes camera gear in his metal workshop and is known to videographers worldwide for his camera handling.
That was all a lot of work.

Now we just enjoy living here in the mountains and caring for my parents, they now live in what was the studio. They are both in their 90's and still going pretty strong.
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