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Flying division, yes we now fly Multi Rotor UAVs. A great alternative to expensive helicopter rentals.

I have always loved to use majestic aerials into our videos shot from a helicopter.

And now we can, at a very reasonable price for all our clients.


We have our FAA 333 Exemption No. 16182

(a long slow process currently) this is necessary to legally use a UAV's for commercial purposes in the USA, Olof is an FAA licensed GA instrument rated pilot with 2000 hrs of flying GA aircraft and we now have 2 DJI Multi Rotor video platforms that are registered with the FAA N-Numbers.


We Fly the S800 with Zenmuse Gimbal. A super smooth combination. And a 4K version of a DJI Multi Rotor as well.



The Multi Rotor machines can also put a still camera in a unique position. And it can act as a very large jib or crane for impossible photos or video shots.

Here is a video shot back in 2011 when we first started building Multi Rotor craft for video production. This is back when I was just learning to build and fly them. The servo Gimbals were very primitive and you had to be super smooth for good video. Now it is so much easier with the new Brushless gimbals.

FAA 333 Exemption No. 16182

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